Thursday, October 03, 2013

Pastel Unicorn

Hello! Today's nail art showcases yet another animal, but this time with a whimsical twist. An Instagram follower suggested I try painting a unicorn, so that's what I did! I've been using a lot of boring brown tones, so a unicorn seemed like the perfect opportunity to break out the pastels and have a bit of fun with colour. I'm pretty pleased with the finished result, and I'll be content wearing these for the next week, I think. I have a big midterm coming up that I am far from prepared for, plus Nuit Blanche is this Saturday! Are there any fellow Torontonians that are planning on checking out the art? :)

Moving back to the nail art, I was a little worried that the unicorn motif would read slightly too juvenile for a university student. I added 'realistic' florals on the bottom portion of my remaining nails to try to tone everything down. I think it helped out the situation, and I actually really like the florals on their own, especially the ones on my ring finger. I used a combination of roses, gardenias, lilacs, and hydrangeas for reference. 

Here is a series of progress photos that I took while painting the unicorn. I used a warm base of pastel yellow and pink, gradually adding cooler tones to shade. As you can see in the last step, I found that the jaw was way too skinny, so I simply painted over it and widened it out. Things change quite a bit while I'm working, but luckily I find that this style of painting is pretty forgiving and relatively easy to alter. 

I started with a base of American Apparel T-Shirt. I used the same order of colours for all of the major components: China Glaze Lemon Fizz, American Apparel Coney Island, American Apparel Flamingo, American Apparel French Lilac, American Apparel Santorini, American Apparel Violet Panache, and American Apparel Imperial Purple. For the gold details I used American Apparel Gold Flash. 

I know this is a little different from the norm, but I hope some aspects of this manicure appeal to everyone! Unicorn enthusiast or floral lover, I hope you enjoyed this nail art! See you next time!



  1. This unicorn looks like it would say "Hey there, I am fabolous!" hahaha I love it so much and the flowers you added are pretty as well. The step by step picture is very helpfull as well. I want to try these kind of designs too someday :D

  2. You are such an artist!!
    I'm proud to say that I'm both a unicorn enthusiast and a floral lover ♡
    I absolutely love this design!! x

  3. I hate you so much! (It's a compliment! xD) I wish I could draw! I love unicorns! *___* Your mani is so fabulous :D

  4. Awesome! I love the colour scheme and the flowers :D

  5. wowowow I just love this! amazing work this would be something I would go for anyway ;D so pretty you have so much talent x

  6. Your designs always blow me away, I love it!

  7. Kenya Charone Johnson31 October 2013 at 11:58

    This is so fantastic, I am IN love with it o_O