Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Shark Week

Hello! Lately there are certain things that I really enjoy painting on my nails. Generally, I like nature themes. More specifically, I like animals. And even more specifically, sea creatures! If it inhabits the ocean, I dig it. Sea creatures are always the coolest animals with the most bizarre yet fascinating qualities. Since this week is Shark Week, I utilized the opportunity to paint another underwater friend. To be honest, I would probably cry if I ever encountered a shark, but behind the safety of my TV screen they're pretty awesome.

My original plan was to use red and cyan as the main colours to mimic an old-school 3D effect. Like always, things changed, so I started with a peachy base and gradually added darker blues, and then some deep blood red. You can see the progress in this Instagram photo. The mix of colours is definitely interesting and something that I would like to try again. I also really like the way the water turned out. I like the morbid mix of red with the blues and the watercolour look of it.

I started with a base of American Apparel T-Shirt. For the shark I used a small paintbrush and outlined with American Apparel Summer Peach, starting to shade with American Apparel Sunset Blvd. I continued shading with American Apparel American Denim, American Apparel The Valley, American Apparel Passport Blue, and American Apparel Port. For the water I outlined with American Apparel American Denim, shading with American Apparel The Valley, American Apparel Passport Blue, and American Apparel Port. Then I highlighted with American Apparel T-Shirt and American Apparel Summer Peach.

 Thanks for reading and happy shark week! :)