Friday, August 30, 2013

Inspired by Alphonse Mucha: Autumn (1896)

Hello! August is drawing to a close, and even though the summer season lingers well past September, I can't help but feel like the first signs of autumn will arrive any day now. The weather this summer hasn't been the greatest, but I'm ready to embrace the consistency of fall sweater weather. To welcome the new season I decided to try my hand at another set of Alphonse Mucha-inspired nail art. I previously painted Summer, so I thought it was only fitting that I continue the series.

Source: WikiPaintings
Today's piece is 'The Seasons: Autumn' from 1896. While Summer's pose was lazy and serene, Autumn had a very nice sense of movement to it. I tried to be consistent with the two recreations by painting the female figure on my ring finger, a closeup of her flower crown on my index, and other important background components on the rest of my nails.

The most difficult part about this piece were the colours. The blue sky of Summer offered a nice contrast with all of the peach and red tones, but Autumn's colour palette used a lot of similar green and brown shades. I loved all of the leafy and wooden components of the piece, but it was extremely difficult to translate them onto nails without everything looking muddy and indistinct. I wish I had used less brown and more of the green and red tones instead. I'm also not 100% happy with the face, so I'll definitely add that as something to practice in the future.

I relied on my trusty American Apparel cremes to paint these with a small nail art brush. The shades I used are: T-Shirt, Summer Peach, Palm Springs, Mannequin, Port, Rose Bowl, Poppy, California Trooper, MacArthur Park, Army Jacket, Hunter, Raccoon, Lopez Canyon, Office, and Sunshine State.

You can check out my Instagram for a step-by-step progress photo of how I painted the female figure! Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!



  1. So beautiful, Brittney! Your nails need to go in a museum. Seriously :D

  2. Hi, this is a really beautiful nail design !