Thursday, August 15, 2013

American Apparel Summer 2013 Swatches, Review & Nail Art

Hello! Today I'm trying my hand at some swatching with a few of the new American Apparel nail polish shades for summer 2013. I loved these colours the moment I saw them, and since I haven't seen any swatches of them online, I thought I'd do some for you. There are two blue shades that were released as well, and I plan on purchasing and swatching those at a later time. For now we'll start with these three colours, as well as some matching flamingo nail art! 

All of the photos were taken indoors with natural sunlight, and I did not use a base coat or top coat. Keep reading after the jump for more photos and detailed reviews.

First up is American Apparel Flamingo, which has quite an appropriate name. I had trouble capturing this shade on camera. In real life it's a brighter, more bubblegum pink. It's not the most unique colour but it's definitely a pretty pink. What I love most about this polish is its opaque formula. You could definitely get away with two coats, but I did three for good measure. If you're a pink lover or looking for a good, basic pink with an easy formula, I'd highly recommend trying out Flamingo!

This next one is American Apparel French Lilac, and it's my favourite of the three. It's a very pretty, feminine pastel purple that leans more pink than blue. Shown here is two easy coats, and the formula on this one is also excellent. I was surprised by how opaque it was in one coat, and the formula had a nice consistency. I'm really pleased with how easy it was to apply, since other light purples I have tried usually require three coats and need to be applied a lot more carefully. In short, this is one of the nicest shades of purple ever, and you need this colour.

The last colour is the most unique of the new releases and it's American Apparel Parakeet. This bright green borders on being neon, but with a much better formula and a shiny finish. Parakeet is a saturated melon green that basically glows, and is perfect for summer. I was expecting a very streaky formula from a colour like this, or at least the need for a white base, but the formula was great. It was thinner than the previous two shades, but applied easily and perfectly opaque in three coats.

I don't have anything like this in my collection, but I instantly thought of China Glaze Highlight of My Summer when I saw Parakeet. I don't have the China Glaze polish, but from swatches I've seen online, Highlight of My Summer is paler, more mint, and very toned-down in comparison. Parakeet really packs a punch, and screams 'summer' to me. It's incredibly unique and definitely recommended by me. 

I decided to do some nail art with these three shades, since I thought they went pretty well together. Drawing inspiration from American Apparel Flamingo, I decided to paint a flamingo print. I've been wanting to try flamingos on my nails since I painted them on my summer nail wheel, but I made the print less uniform and spruced it up with grass and flowers.

I started with a base of American Apparel T-Shirt on my index and middle finger, and American Apparel Flamingo on the rest. I used a small paint brush to start painting the flamingos using American Apparel Coney Island, followed by shading with American Apparel Flamingo and American Apparel Angeline. For the grass I used American Apparel Parakeet and American Apparel Hunter to shade. The flowers were done with American Apparel French Lilac, followed by American Apparel Dynasty and American Apparel Imperial Purple to shade. I also used American Apparel Imperial Purple for the beaks and eyes of the flamingos.

We've come to the end of this very lengthy post. I hope you found these swatches and thoughts helpful, and I hope you liked the nail art as well. In short, all three of these new American Apparel polishes have an excellent formula and are beautiful colours. French Lilac and Parakeet are must-haves in my book! Which one is your favourite?



  1. Wow! Those accent nails are amazing! <3

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    And I adore those flamingo nails, your designs are awesome!

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