Tuesday, June 04, 2013

KKCenterHK Review + Nail Art: 2.5mm Circle Glitter (Purple Lilac)

Hello again! I have another review for you today, this time on these pretty 2.5mm Circle Glitter in the colour Purple Lilac from KKCenterHK. I did an easy placement glitter manicure with these to create a sweet floral design. I really love the pastel purple colour, and combined with the perfectly round shape and matte finish, these glitters are super unique, fun, and a welcome addition to my arsenal of nail art supplies. KKCenterHK offers this type of glitter in a wide array of colours, so be sure to check out the other shades!

The product comes in a screw-top plastic jar that holds 10g of glitter, i.e. a LOT of glitter. The jar feels sturdy and is easy to open and close, preventing glitter spills for accident-prone people like me. I really appreciate the quality of the packaging, as it's very good for long-term storage. I always prefer a jar over a bag to avoid messes and for ease-of-use.

The glitter pieces themselves are quite large, rigid, and slightly thick. I have pretty curved nails, so I found it difficult to lay the glitter flat. The flower arrangement worked fine anyway, and with a thick topcoat they stayed in place perfectly for the several days that I had them on. If you have curved nails you might find it difficult to use these for a full glitter placement manicure. If your nails have a flatter surface, I would highly recommend these, as the glitter pieces will lay down much better.

Since these glitters are on the large side, I decided to stick with a 'less is more' mentality, and did a simple floral. I think that they look quite nice as accents to smaller glitter polishes. For this manicure I used American Apparel Coney Island as my base colour. The glitter is Revlon Girly and the purple is American Apparel L'Esprit. I placed the glitter pieces around a single rhinestone using topcoat and a wet toothpick. Then I painted the stems and leaves with a striping brush.

Overall, I like this 2.5mm Circle Glitter and I hope to use it again in the future. If you're interested in purchasing this product, head on over to KKCenterHK and use the code 'preciouspolish' for 10% off your entire order!


This product was provided for honest review.