Sunday, June 23, 2013

Cry Wolf

Hello! I hope you're all having a nice weekend so far. Today will most likely be another quick post since I have an exam on Tuesday. These wolf nails looked a lot better in my head, and I think that the colours are to blame. I posted these on Instagram asking for alternate suggestions, but by the time I got around to changing them, tip wear had already consumed the wolf :P And so, here is the original design:

I'm happy with most parts of the wolf itself. I particularly like the nose/mouth area, but I'm a little irked by the eyes. I don't think I aligned them properly and they look cross-eyed to me. The wolf took awhile to paint so I had to paint something easier on the rest of the nails. I went with the pastel colours because I used those to paint the wolf, but I really wish I had gone for a grey/taupe palette instead.

I started with American Apparel T-Shirt on all of my nails. I used a striping brush and American Apparel Office and American Apparel L'Esprit. The square studs are from Born Pretty Store. I used a small detail brush to paint the wolf, starting with lighter colours and building up the darker ones on top. The additional colours I used are American Apparel Dynasty, American Apparel Echo Park, American Apparel Hassid, and OPI You Don't Know Jacques.

Thanks for looking and have a good day!



  1. Brittney, this is amazing!! You always have the most prettiest, inspiring nail art ideas!! I love your blog♡

    -ayaka xx

  2. This looks really amazing, I actually love the way you did the other nails and the wolf itself! The whole thing looks fantastic!

  3. These are gorgeous! I think your wolf looks beyond amazing!!

  4. you don't sound very happy about these nails, but i really like them! I get how you feel about the wolf - even with a simple mani, it drives me crazy if I have a line or something that's not quite perfect. These are really cool though, and I like the colors. Would have also been nice with muted lavender and dusky pink.