Saturday, June 01, 2013

Born Pretty Store Review: 2mm Gold Square Studs (+ Nail Art!)

Hi all! Today I have some fun pineapple nail art for you, plus a review of these fantastic 2mm Gold Square Studs from Born Pretty Store.  I really enjoyed working with these studs. They felt sturdy, but the small size allowed them to rest nice and flat across my curved nails. The size is actually what I like most about these. I've tried using larger studs before and found them very difficult to work with. Larger studs are harder to secure, and sometimes are a little bulky. These small studs are the perfect size for creating a quick and chic look.

As you can see, it was easy to line up the studs down my nail. I just placed a line of topcoat where I wanted the studs to be, and then placed them one by one with tweezers. I was initially worried that the studs wouldn't fit down my entire nail, but I realized that the small size allowed for very easy spacing adjustment, making sure that everything fit. I love the look of the vertical line of studs, but I think that the single stud at the cuticle is a super cute accent too. A little goes a long way with these!

The studs come in a plastic bag/pouch with a zip seal. The weight of the bag of studs isn't listed, but considering the small size, you will receive quite a lot of studs in one bag. The finish of the studs is shiny and the gold is warm and classic, not too yellow. The back of the studs are concave. I feel like this allows for more flexibility of the studs for curved surfaces, and I found that they secured well onto my nails when sealed with topcoat. Additionally, I found these to not be bulky on the nail. They were quite smooth and flat, and felt no different than wearing rhinestones.

I used the studs to easily spruce up this pineapple nail art. This design comes from the summer nail wheel I just posted, and I like it a lot. I painted the pineapples with a small brush on a base of American Apparel T-Shirt. The two other base colours are American Apparel Sunshine State and American Apparel Crescent Heights, which I used along with American Apparel Manila, American Apparel Hunter, and American Apparel MacArthur Park to paint the pineapples.

I'm in love with both these nails and these studs, and I hope you like them too! If you're interested in purchasing these 2mm Gold Square Studs, be sure to use the code SVL91 for 10% off (+ free shipping)!


This product was provided for honest review.


  1. I just love this nail art! The pineapples look amazing, great job on that! And the studs make the whole mani really edgy. You're getting better and better each time, Brittney!

  2. Criminal Nails2 June 2013 at 06:44

    Love your pineapples ^^ And I have those studs and play with them a lot, they are darn easy to use and it's such a pleasure!

  3. I love their studs! This mani looks awesome!

  4. Your nail art looks amazing! You are very talented!