Tuesday, May 14, 2013

7 Deadly Sins Challenge (Sloth): Sundown

Hi all! Yesterday I worked on a tutorial for today's Tutorial Tuesday post, but I absolutely hate the results, so it will have to be postponed until next week. I'm a little bummed because the first prompt for this week's sloth theme was to do a tutorial, so I'm skipping ahead to the next one: "Create a manicure inspired on your laziness... or whatever... I'm so tired..." 

I went back to my safety: gradients and tribal prints. This time I went for a soft sunset theme and a full gradient herringbone print. I used to do this look all the time, but I've never done it with a gradient underneath before. The print looks very subtle in these photos but the peach colour is much more prominent in real life.

I started with OPI You're Such A Budapest on my thumb and ring finger, and topped it with Sinful Colors Hottie. On the rest of my nails I started with American Apparel Summer Peach and used a makeup sponge to apply the gradients with Essie Nice Is Nice and OPI You're Such A Budapest. I went back with American Apparel Summer Peach and a striping brush to paint on the herringbone print.

As always, check out the other ladies' blogs for their manicures and tutorials! I'm hoping to maybe revisit the tutorial prompt later this week, fingers crossed!

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  1. This is awesome! Great color combo! May I ask you for some help about this challenge, please? I've sent you an e-mail with the question.