Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Tutorial Tuesday: Geometric Diamonds

Welcome to the second Tutorial Tuesday on Precious Polish! I missed a post yesterday so I plan to have another one up later today to make up for it. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have already seen a sneak peek of the nails for the next post (hint hint). Anyway, happy April! I can't believe a quarter of the year has already gone by. It's exam month now but if all goes well, posting will continue every two days as usual. Hope all is well with you, and on to the nails!

This week I have a geometric diamond print to share with you. If this print looks familiar it's because I've done it before for day five of the geometric challenge: Seeing Straight. The design looks pretty complicated but it's actually very easy! As you'll see in the tutorial below, I like to think of this design as 'The One that Looks Like Garbage until the Very End'.

I changed things up from last time and used four colours instead of three. I like this version a lot better because the old one had too much of the single dark shade. Personally, this design looks best with a single dark colour and three lighter ones. I actually redid this tutorial because I used colours that were too similar in brightness the first time. The pattern really loses its 'wow' factor when the shades muddle together.

Specifically, the base I used here is American Apparel California Trooper. The darkest colour is American Apparel Imperial Purple, and the other two are American Apparel L'Esprit and American Apparel Rose Bowl. Now for the tutorial:

  1. Choose one dark polish and three light ones. Start with your base coat and lightest colour, and let that dry.
  2. Use a striping brush and your darkest colour to start 'sketching' out your pattern. The lines for the sketch do not have to be especially neat. Paint three vertical lines down your nail.
  3. Create diagonal lines that intersect at the vertical lines, so that you are left with symmetrical diamond shapes.
  4. Create two small diagonals inside each side of one diamond. Each side should now consist of three sections.
  5. Fill in two of the sections with your remaining two colours, leaving the last section 'blank' with your base colour.
  6. Repeat for the rest of the diamonds.
  7. Go over all of the lines you made previously with your darkest colour to clean everything up.
  8. Seal with topcoat, clean up, and you're done!
I hope you enjoyed this week's Tutorial Tuesday! Remember to leave a comment to suggest which tutorial you would like to see next! :)



  1. Great job with the tutorial! The mani is gorgeous!

  2. Matilde González2 April 2013 at 09:26

    It's fantastic :) I will try this sometime, but I am getting the feeling that my lines won't be as straight :p

  3. How cool! You always create awesome designs!

  4. Claudia Martinez4 April 2013 at 22:36

    Wow!! These are amazing!!