Thursday, April 18, 2013

Scarf Print

Hi! I had my first exam this morning, and it went pretty well. Then again, the course is called 'Golems & Robots', and it's actually about golems and robots on stage and screen throughout history. Feel free to laugh- I only took it because I needed to pick up another course at the last minute :P My last two exams are next week and they should prove to be a lot tougher- physical chemistry and cell biology! I've been painting my nails like a machine lately though, so hopefully I have enough drafted to get through the week :)

Today's manicure was inspired by scarf prints. Originally I planned to combine it with a nautical look, but I instead opted to pair gold with simple black and white. I tried to emulate the look of various chains on my middle and index fingers, but I'm not sure if I succeeded. I've seen designs like this that use real chains, so I might try that next time!

I started with American Apparel Gold Flash on my ring finger and American Apparel T-Shirt on the rest. For the scarf print I mapped out the chains first with a striping brush and American Apparel Gold Flash. I filled in each section with American Apparel Hassid and then painted on the chains over top. For the ring finger I sketched out triangular shapes first, then painted the stripes and re-outlined everything.

What do you think of scarf prints? Have you translated them onto your nails yet? Thanks for looking! :)



  1. Amazing! I absolutely love the color choices and the overall design looks great. I like how edgy and unique it is

  2. WOW I love this design! Very chic ^.^

    Haha (ups sorry I laughed xD) your course sounds sooo cool! Good luck on your other exams! I bet it's a lot to study. My brother has some similar courses and he's been studying like crazy O_o What's your major btw?

  3. Absolutely beautiful, Brittney!