Thursday, April 25, 2013

Nature In Monochrome

Hello! I have my last exam tomorrow morning and then I'm officially done my first year of university! I still can't believe how quickly time has flown by, especially during this final stretch. I'm glad to be free of school work for awhile, but saying bye to all of the friends I've made will be bittersweet. People have already been moving out as they finish exams, and it's gotten quite lonely around here :(

On a lighter note, I'm really excited to post these nails for you. I saw this pattern on a mug while shopping awhile back, and I finally mustered up the courage to try it out. The painterly style was pretty overwhelming and I was quite sure that this wasn't going to work out, but I went ahead and tried it anyway. In the end I'm really glad that I did them and I'm super happy with the results.

This style was actually a lot easier to paint than I expected, and didn't take a particularly long time either. The way I did it was by working from lightest to darkest, adding more shades as necessary. The trick was to use minimal amount of polish on my striping brush, using residual polish to create semi-opaque, feathery brush strokes.

I started with a base of OPI Green-wich Village. Then I went in with a striping brush and American Apparel T-Shirt to paint all of the outlines and shapes. I shaded with American Apparel Echo Park, followed by American Apparel Hassid.

And here's a close up shot to show the detail. I'm so pleased with how these turned out! :)



  1. These are so gorgeous! You did an incredible job - your detailing is just super.

  2. This is absolutely incredible. You are so talented

  3. blooming heck these are amazing! pop over to the uk and do my nails please?!

  4. These are gorgeous! You have some serious talent there.

  5. Wow!Wow!Wow!! Gorgeous!! Veeeery beautiful!

  6. I already told you on Instagram that I was amazed... I think I never saw something as beautiful! Definitely my favorite nail art ever!

  7. honmednaglarna.blogg.se3 May 2013 at 14:35

    Wow, this is so beautiful! I'm so jealous (cause I doubt I'd be able to paint that myself)! :D