Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Light It Up Blue

Hi everyone! As promised, here's my second post for today. April is Autism Awareness Month, and tonight, April 2nd, is called 'Light It Up Blue'. Landmarks across the globe will literally be 'lighting up blue' for to spread autism awareness. The CN Tower here in Toronto will be blue tonight, which I think will look really cool. There are a lot of blue nails being posted for the occasion as well, so here's my contribution!

I was short for time so I did an organic blue pattern on a cream-coloured base. These were really easy because there isn't really any method to this design. I just made up different things as I went, filling in the spaces that were left over.

I started with OPI My Vampire Is Buff. Then I used a small brush and a dotting tool with Nails Inc. Baker Street to paint the patterns. I followed up with Revlon Royal in certain areas to intensify the colour.

I think that these two blues are so beautiful, especially together! Nails Inc. Baker Street is a vibrant blue with an underlying sheerness that gives it a pseudo-jelly quality. Revlon Royal is a true jelly but darker in shade, so it layers perfectly over the lighter blue.

I know that this post is coming to you quite late in the day, but there's still time to sport some blue today! :)