Monday, April 29, 2013

7 Deadly Sins Challenge (Gluttony): Sugar Spun

Hi everyone! I moved back home yesterday which was quite the fiasco, and as a result I'm feeling incredibly drained nail art-wise. I managed to muster up some energy for the first prompt for gluttony in the deadly sins challenge: "Delight yourself with a sugar spun inspired manicure." To be honest, I never really liked sugar spun manicures. I hate the idea of thick nail polish, and these are no exception. I'm not entirely pleased with these, but they'll have to do!

I tried to keep things subtle by using light colours and doing the spun sugar look over a glitter. This glitter is new to my collection and it's unlike any other that I have. The milky base makes it like a glitter/jelly sandwich in a bottle! I tried to do my spun sugar as fine as possible to avoid thick clumps. I placed drops of polish on aluminum foil, allowed it to dry a bit to become tacky, and then draped the tacky polish across my nail with a dotting tool. You can find lots of tutorials for this look on YouTube!

I started with a base of American Apparel L'Esprit, followed by Hard Candy Sweet Tooth. On my middle and index finger I used American Apparel L'Esprit and American Apparel T-Shirt to do the sugar spun look with a dotting tool. I finished it off with pink and blue rhinestones on each finger by the cuticle.

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