Monday, April 22, 2013

7 Deadly Sins Challenge (Lust): Mint Chevron

Happy Monday! Here's something exciting to share with you all. Starting this week, I'm very excited to participate with a large group of talented nail bloggers in a new challenge! The challenge was created by the lovely Alice of One Nail To Rule Them All and Helena of Nail Wish. Each week for seven weeks there are two themes to complete based  on one of the seven deadly sins. Click here to see the image with each of the prompts (artwork by Marta Dahlig)! I'm really looking forward to working on this challenge in the company of such a wonderful group of ladies, and I hope you like the manicures that are to come :)

The first week is Lust and the prompt says, "Be a bad girl and make something you have wanted to do soo badly." I have a long list of things that I've been wanting to try out, and chevrons have been on it for ages. I think I've tackled them once or twice before and they were both disasters that never made it on the blog haha. I've seen many perfect tape manicures that achieve the chevron look but since I don't have scrapbooking scissors, I sucked it up and freehanded these.

With a bit of slow, steady patience the resulting chevrons aren't so bad! The two pairs I did don't really match up in size but I'm still satisfied. I really like the ones on my index finger and the glitter really helps it, I think. To add a bit to the 'lust' theme, I added a big fat heart to my middle finger, which I'm also very happy with :)

I started with American Apparel Office on all of my nails except for my ring and thumb, where I used Essie Beyond Cozy. I painted the chevrons and heart with a striping brush and American Apparel T-Shirt and then filled them in. Then I outlined them with Essie Beyond Cozy.

Be sure to visit the other ladies below for more beautiful manicures!



  1. The chevrons of your index finger are so amazing!! I would have never said that they are made by hand!!

  2. Ooh how fun! This is gorgeous!

  3. Here's my post for this challenge:

    So much fun!