Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Metallic Monochromatic

Hi all! I have my last test of the semester today (physical chemistry), so I'm quite stressed but also overjoyed.  I've really been missing out on interacting with you all, and I'm looking forward to getting things back on track around here :)

These little shape doodles were done on a whim. I needed something quick and these were the result. I feel like I don't do a lot of strictly black and white looks, but I guess this one doesn't count either since I used silver polish on my ring finger to spruce things up.

I'm not exactly sure how I feel about these yet. They're definitely different from my usual stuff, but I think that maybe they're a bit too simple for my liking. What do you think?

I started with American Apparel T-Shirt on my index and middle finger and American Apparel Hassid on the rest. With those colours and also American Apparel Silver Jazz to paint on the shapes with a striping brush.

Thanks so much for your readership! Lots of love <3



  1. I love these, they look fun! :-)

  2. Very cute! I like 'black and white's very much ! :))

  3. It's simple but that's what I like about it because it still looks nice :)

  4. Such a fun mani! So happy you're done with your last test for the semester :)