Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Masters In China

Hello! Today's post title comes from a beautiful song by Priscilla Ahn. The lyrics don't really have anything to do with today's nails but the line kept coming back to me. Also I bet you're all getting tired of my awful alliteration haha (Cheerful China? Charming China?)

Today's blue and white china print came about because I wanted something simple yet striking. These were really enjoyable to do and actually pretty quick. I feel like I could have done a full manicure but I already put Nails Inc Baker Street on the rest of my nails and it was too pretty to remove! A lot of bloggers adore this colour and I have to agree, it truly is one of the most beautiful, bold blues I have :)

On my index and middle finger I started with American Apparel T-Shirt. I used a striping brush and dotting tools to make the design with Nails Inc Baker Street and painted the remaining nails with it.

This is probably the boldest index-middle accent I've done and I'm really loving it! And that concludes today's short post- I hope to see you on Thursday for day three of the geometric challenge :)