Thursday, February 28, 2013

Geometric Challenge Day 10: Combination Recreation

Hello! We've finally arrived at the end of the geometric challenge! This was my first time participating in a challenge and while it was stressful at times, I still loved every bit of it :) I feel so honoured to have completed this month with this lovely group of talented bloggers, and I hope you enjoyed it just as much as I did!

The last part of the challenge required us to recreate a manicure done by another blogger. If you've been visiting the other blogs you know that there were so many spectacular nail designs to choose from! It was really difficult to choose just one so I ended up kind of combining two that I thought would look nice together. I originally tried to combine three but that didn't work out too well :P I took Alexis' design from day two (curved) and used Whitney's double gradient concept from day seven (polygon) to execute it. I really liked painting this one but if I did it again I would make the glitter gradient base more prominent and I would use a lighter base.

I started with American Apparel Echo Park. I then sponged on a gradient with Sinful Colors Nail Junkie. With a striping brush I created the pattern using American Apparel The Valley, American Apparel Malibu Green, and American Apparel Peacock.

And here's a roundup of all ten geometric designs I did for the challenge! Check out the geometric challenge tag to see the posts with all the polish info :)

Which was your favourite? I think I like the curved and triangular designs best. Also remember to check out the other ladies' last geometric recreations :)

Thanks so much for following the progress of this challenge with me! See you in March for more nail art!



  1. Wow! These are beautiful and detailed! I love them =) You did a great job in this Challenge, Brittney! You have such a distinct nail art style that is all your own and I really admire that! Great job, and I hope to do another challenge together someday!

  2. these are so beautiful! I absolutely love all the nails that your came up with! You're so talented and creative it's amazing! :D

  3. Yun, The Polish Hideout28 February 2013 at 15:07

    This one is so intricate and detailed! Just lovely! :-)

    ~ Yun

  4. The color combination is perfect and the details so perfectly detailed! Perfection <3

  5. Omg! I love all of these! They're all beautiful. <3

  6. I like them all! This last one is super cute :)

  7. This looks fantastic. I've bookmarked some of your nails for future inspiration.

  8. Whoa these look awesome! You did amazing with this challenge!