Monday, January 28, 2013

Romantic Rebel

Hello! So the weather here in Toronto is awful today. There are freezing rain warnings and there's snow and slush everywhere. I had several near-death experiences while walking to class today and I'm really not looking forward to venturing outside again later :P How's the weather in your part of the world? (Sorry I keep talking about the weather but it's really the only 'exciting' thing happening here haha)

Today I'm wearing a skittle manicure of sorts. This one's inspired by two different images I found: glitter gradient halfmoons by The Illustrated Nail and the rose and cross combo by Pamela A. on Beautylish. I mashed the two looks together to create this pseudo-Valentine's Day manicure. I really like the finished product but the process took pretty long. The glitter placement method is still kind of new to me so I had to restart those nails a couple of times. I like the look though, so I'm planning to experiment with it more in the future :)

On my index and middle finger I started with American Apparel Hassid. On my ring finger I used American Apparel Dance and Sephora by OPI And Then He Said... on the rest of my nails. I freehanded the halfmoons using the alternate colours. With a dotting tool I individually placed two rows of hex glitter along the halfmoon using Essie A Cut Above and loose black glitter. Then I use A Cut Above, Nails Inc. Chelsea Square and L.A. Girls Uninhibited for the gradient. I did the roses using a striping brush with Sephora by OPI And Then He Said...  and American Apparel Mannequin with American Apparel Office for the leaves. I did the black crosses by placing loose black hex glitter and on my ring finger I outlined the cross using a black striping polish and proceed to fill in the rest.

As always, link or tweet me (@preciouspolish) with your glitter placement manicures! Have a lovely day and if you're experiencing inclement weather as well, stay warm and stay safe :)



  1. This is an amazing manicure!!!!!!

  2. Ah! This is so pretty and awesome! I can't decide which nail is my favourite.


  3. those are beautiful! I especially love the rose detail on your middle finger.

  4. Oh my goodness lol. The weather has been cold here, but with sun. I wish it was warmer though.
    Gosh your mani is awesome! I need to do my's been a long while...

  5. Yessss I agree, I miss your beautiful manis!!!

  6. Thank you! Hopefully the weather warms up for both of us! :D