Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Feminine Feathers

Hello my favourite friends! What have you been up to? Last night I went with some friends to see Silver Linings Playbook. I didn't know much about it but I thought it would be a regular romantic comedy. It turned out to be both a good laugh and not so run-of-the-mill :) It was worth my seven dollars, I think! (Half-price Tuesdays!) Have you seen any good films lately?

When I saw Linda of Copy That, Copy Cat's peacock feather nail art, I was instantly enamoured, so I adapted her feather design into this tribal mix. I used a nude base with pops of aqua, purple and a dash of metallic gold. I like this design a lot for lazy nail art days. It's super easy and quick to do with a striping brush but the result looks detailed and complex. Your friends and family will definitely be impressed with these on your nails! :)

The base I used is OPI Don't Pretzel My Buttons. With a white striping polish I painted the feathers, outlining them with a striping brush and American Apparel Gold Flash. For the tribal nails I painted half of my nail with American Apparel Gold Flash. Then I took the white striping polish to make vertical lines, filling in parts with American Apparel The Valley and Essie Play Date. I used a dotting tool for the circular details.

Feel free to show me your feathered fingertips by linking me or tweeting me! (@preciouspolish)



  1. Hmm sounds like a good movie :) I haven't seen anything lately...hopefully soon hehe
    Your mani looks lovely! I really like the colors you used!

  2. Whitney Swiedler16 January 2013 at 17:11

    love this combo - i want to try that tribal design now!

  3. Yun, The Polish Hideout17 January 2013 at 17:24

    This is so pretty! I especially love the feathers! :-)

    ~ Yun

  4. These are fantastic! Going to try these next time I do nail art! Xx