Sunday, December 30, 2012

My Best of 2012

I've been seeing a lot of bloggers doing 'Best of 2012' posts so I thought it would be fun to do one too. I've chosen twelve personal favourites, listed in chronological order. Going through my 2012 archives I've found that a lot has changed- for the better, of course. Watermarks, photography, and nail care are the most evident to me. I still rely on natural lighting but I feel like my photos are somewhat more consistent now. 

It's no surprise that florals and all types of gradients dominated my favourites, but I'm surprised that only one tribal manicure made the list. Tribal nail art is probably what defines my comfort zone, but I guess I'm losing appreciation for them. For 2013 I'm going to try to go outside the box, push my limits and innovate :)

See larger photos, explanations, and links to original posts after the jump! :)

Be Mine, ValentineI ended up loving everything about this manicure. It was the perfect combination of girly/sweet/delicate that I just love. I really love edgier patterns but there's something about these feminine designs that I always find myself gravitating back to.

A Taste of Turquoise: This manicure was so simple to do but I really liked the outcome. That accent nail is something that I want to replicate one day- it was so pretty and vibrant!

Pink & Grey Mix: March was one of my most productive months nail art-wise and this fishtail manicure finished off the month. I came up with this design on a whim and it has a special place in my heart haha. I haven't done it in awhile though, so maybe it's time to reinvent it for 2013 :) Bonus: Check out the tutorial for this design.

One Swallow Does Not Make A Summer: This is one of my favourite manicures ever. It came with a super long post name but I think that idiom was so, so fitting. These nails combined some of my favourites things: ruffian and gradients, and I fell in love with that swallow print. These nails were also the first to receive the more effective but totally ugly and intrusive new watermark :P

Koi Pond: This is what I mean by 'out of the box'. It was very abstract for me but I'm quite fond of the final result. I'd like to try more things like this.

Mixed Metals: This year I fell in love with clear/nude bases that fade into a glitter gradient. I've tried several different glitter combinations but this one was by far my favourite.

Wildflowers: I don't have much to say about this one. I just loved the ditsy floral print and it was so easy to do :)

Watercolour Flowers: This was the last manicure I did before I started university. I started experimenting with my photographs here. I stopped taking pictures in front of a window and instead took them beside a window :P I tried a new watermark too, which I'm finally quite happy with and will hopefully stick to. Manicure-wise I tried the watercolour technique for the first time, which I've grown to love very much.

Window To The Stars: Not much to say about this one either. This manicure graces my header and I still love it. Galaxies, triangles, and bold black frames = a perfect combo.

American Dreams: I didn't have any specific plan when I started this manicure but the dreamy pastel combination really won me over in the end. Plus, I was really starting to like these half-tribal-on-gradient designs ;)

Pretty Perennials: I went back to those trusty florals for this one, this time on a dark base. I think this is a look that works wonderfully on shorter nails :)

All Wrapped Up: The last manicure on my list! This is my favourite of all of the holiday manicures I did this month. December has been my most productive month ever and I'm leaving 2012 feeling quite satisfied with myself. I really loved this manicure for the execution. Neat polishing is one of my biggest struggles and I feel like everything turned out really perfect for these nails :)

So that's finally the end! Kudos to you if you managed to actually get through all of my rambling :P What were your favourite manicures of 2012? Link me or tweet me with your nails/blog posts (@preciouspolish)!



  1. Aww all such beautiful 2012 manis I can't wait to see what 2013 brings! Happy new year! :D

  2. great list!!!! your koi mani is one of my absolute favorite manis in the whole wide world EVER, and the swallow one is way cute too!!

  3. Two of my personal faves made it to the list: A swallow does not make a Summer and Window to the stars! You're amazingly skilled! :)

    Happy New Year, Brittney! :)

  4. I love the Swallow and the Koi one the most but of course all of them are pretty ^.^ I haven't tried tribal prints yet, maybe that's what I should do for 2013. Happy New Year!

  5. love them all. you rule.

  6. Thank you! <3 Tribal prints are super fun, definitely try them out. Happy new year! :)

  7. Aww, thank you! Happy new year to you too! <3

  8. Ahhh you flatter me! Thank you thank you <333

  9. Thank you and happy new year to you too! :D <3

  10. Yun, The Polish Hideout2 January 2013 at 17:19

    You have had so many beautiful manis, it's hard for me to pick a personal favorite. I do especially love your Windows to the Stars and American Dreams. :-)

    ~ Yun

  11. My favorite nails of yours ever, the ones that lead me to your blog and twitter are the swallow nails. I saw them on pinterest, followed the links here and have been admiring your nails ever since. Those nails were just so stunning because of the gradient and the ruffian and the birds... the colors complemented each other perfectly and just... ahhh perfection! :) I have to say though, I also really really loved those framed galaxy nails. They are awesome too. Shoot, all your nails are awesome, but I'm only gonna talk about those two! :)

  12. Aw, thank you so much, Nicole!! <3 I'm blushing! :$