Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Glitter

Hi everyone, hope you're enjoying this busy weekend! The Christmas spirit is in full swing here at my house. We're having the whole family over for Christmas Eve so there's been lots of cleaning and decorating going on. I can't believe how quickly the week has gone by. This post was supposed to go up on Saturday but time just flew by me and now it's Sunday. I have two more holiday manicures to go though, so be prepared for three consecutive days of posting from me! (This has never happened in the history of Precious Polish, ever.)

Today's manicure is chock-full of glitter! Despite the wide array of beautiful red and green Christmas glitters, I can only justify having one. I only get to use festive glitter once a year and China Glaze Party Hearty is my polish of choice. It's a delicate mix of green and gold microglitter and larger red glitter. The very popular China Glaze Ruby Pumps is another holiday favourite of mine. It's a lovely red glitter that always garners lots of compliments. Here I incorporated both of these polishes into one Christmas manicure.

I started with American Apparel T-Shirt. Then I applied China Glaze Party Hearty. I used American Apparel Downtown LA to paint a stripe down half of the accent nails, layering China Glaze Ruby Pumps on top of that. Finally I took a white striping polish and a dotting tool to paint the designs.

Oh, here's something else that I'm excited to show you. One of my best friends asked for an ugly Christmas sweater. As her secret santa I was pretty distraught to not be able to find one to buy. Instead, I decided to DIY it, starting with an (also ugly) rugby sweater, a poinsettia-print stocking, some ribbon, and a lot of glitter glue:

Isn't it hideous? :) I covered up the rugby patch on the chest with poinsettia images. Then I slathered that and the polo collar parts in glitter glue. I made a big present bow and attached it to the middle. Finally I cut off the sleeve cuffs and made new ones to match the print.

I think it was a pretty successful DIY gift! Did you make any homemade gifts this year? :)