Monday, December 17, 2012

All Wrapped Up

Exams are over! I have officially survived my first semester of university! I wrote my organic chem exam today and it was a total disaster but I'm just glad it's finally done with. I can finally focus on other things: family, friends, hobbies, this blog, and you guys, of course. I'm taking a few days to rest before I move back home but I should be back to blog reading and commenting soon, just awhile longer!

I'm really excited to show you today's manicure. These nails were loosely inspired by this cute Christmas-y manicure by Esmalteria Neia Belas Unhas. I love putting a spin on a classic french manicure for the holidays. You can check out last year's french over here, including a video tutorial! This time around I did a thicker tip with red bows and rhinestone accents.

I used American Apparel Dance to start. I painted on a french tip using the brush from American Apparel T-Shirt. With a dotting tool and American Apparel Downtown LA I made the center of each bow. Then I used a small paint brush to create triangular shapes for the rest of the bows. After that I layered China Glaze Ruby Pumps on top of the bows. With a white striping polish I outlined the bows and added a red rhinestone in the centers to finish them off.

I hope you've been liking these holiday manicures :) I'm trying to think of new ideas that haven't been done before and I hope to have a few more for you before Christmas. In the mean time, catch me up! Send me links to your holiday nails, or tweet them to me @preciouspolish!



  1. ahh this is so cute!! i love how it doesnt scream christmas, but is still festive (: happy holidays!

  2. Very adorable!

  3. Yay congrats on your first semester! Woohoo!
    Ah I love this mani! Can't wait to check out the video! :)

  4. THESE ARE SO SO CUTE. i may have to replicate them before christmas is over. or at any time. ever.

    also i would like for you to know that your consistent use of american apparel polish is partly responsible for my buying a set of 18 off ebay a couple weeks ago haha! i love them so far, so thanks for being a bad/good influence. :)

  5. This reminds me of Hello Kitty :) pretty nails

  6. Haha thank you, thank you! LOL no problem! Glad to be spreading the nail polish joy ;D But aren't they seriously the most awesome set of creme polishes everrrrr?!

  7. Haha yep, I think they could be year-round appropriate :D Thank you!