Saturday, October 06, 2012

Window To The Stars

Hi friends! I hope you're enjoying a fine weekend. Here in Canada it's Thanksgiving weekend so Monday's a holiday for us. Everyone's come back home from university so I'm excited to reunite with my friends. Even though I complain about school a lot, I truly am thankful for everything I have right now. I'm in such a lucky position and I'm very happy where I am. Whether you're celebrating Thanksgiving or not, what are you thankful for? :)

The other day I saw this incredibly amazing manicure by Candice of MrCandiipants. She combined tribal with galaxy nails and it just blew my mind. Seriously, if you haven't already seen it, go click that link and check it out now! :) Upon seeing it I was struck by inspiration. I wanted to do some sort of galaxy combination too so I mashed it together with a framed nail (is that still a thing?) and because I was feeling super hipster I did a triangular window too ;)

I painted all of my nails with China Glaze Liquid Leather. I used a makeup sponge for the galaxies, first sponging on a layer of Nails Inc Baker Street. I then sponged on a bit of OPI Alpine Snow, then Nails Inc Baker Street again for depth. I added small bits of China Glaze Sweet Hook, American Apparel Office, and American Apparel The Valley. Finally I added some white dots of varying sizes for stars and a bit of Sinful Colors Hottie for sparkle. I used a black striping polish to outline all of the shapes and filled them in accordingly. I then used a white striping polish for some additional borders.

I'm super happy with how these turned out, I can't stop looking at those triangles! I want to try out similar looks with a pink/purple galaxy next :)

- brittney xo


  1. This is incredibly cool! x

  2. Happy Thanksgiving :)
    Aw this came out amazing! I love that it's like a two-in-one-kind-of mani!

  3. Oh, how awesome!! It's like looking through the portholes on a starship--seriously amazing, Brittney!

  4. Yun, The Polish Hideout8 October 2012 at 14:58

    Brittney, these are amazing! I'm totally blown away by how cool and gorgeous these are! The black and white tribal bordering really accents the galaxy art :D :D

    ~ Yun

  5. Jacquelyn Giardina9 October 2012 at 21:49

    omg amazing!

    xo Jackie...livingaftermidnite