Saturday, August 11, 2012

Strawberry Gingham

I hope you're all having a splendid Saturday. It's been very rainy here and I think I'm feeling a bit under the weather (get it?) as a result of it. I love working, I really do, but at the end of the week I'm just physically and mentally exhausted. And now for a lengthy explanation to this posts' manicure...

I've had a mental to-do list of nail ideas that never came to fruition because I couldn't figure out a nice way to execute them. For one thing, I've been dying to use this sheer red jelly I acquired: Revlon Cherry Fizz. It's labeled as a 'Glimmer Gloss' and I had never heard of this line before. I snagged it by chance for around a dollar at a store closing sale. On top of that, I finally bought Milani Gems, the famed Deborah Lippmann Happy Birthday dupe, and I knew I had to do a jelly sandwich with it. Lastly, I've been itching to try a gingham print but I was always really unsure of whether or not creme finishes could do the job. I now know: jelly finishes are the way to go!

So how did this jumble of ideas come together? Last week I saw this adorable manicure by the very talented Katy of Nailed It. (scroll to the bottom of the post, underneath those perfect swatches). I used her design as accent nails and a full gingham print on the rest of the nails. I'm pretty happy with the result, I think it came out really cute :) By the way, about jelly polishes and gingham: This method was so easy, no mixing for darker shades required! The sheer jelly built opacity nicely, simply by adding a dab of polish at the gingham intersections.

For the accent nails I started of with a base of OPI Red Lights Ahead... Where? Then I layered a coat of Milani Gems followed by a couple layers of Revlon Cherry Fizz. For the gingham I used OPI Alpine Snow for the base colour. I just used the brush that came with Revlon Cherry Fizz for the gingham. For the gingham tips I did the same thing but outlined the shape with a white striping polish first.

And there we have it! A high-gloss, summery picnic-desire-invoking manicure. Sorry for all the rambling but I hope you enjoyed this post :)


  1. I hope you had a lovely Saturday :D
    This came out great! I remember seeing Nailed It's post haha. I love yours!

  2. i like it! thanks for the dupe info! :)

  3. That's so pretty! I love the gingham pattern. Reminds me of summer and picnics. :-)

    ~ Yun

  4. Whitney Swiedler14 August 2012 at 14:46

    So cute! I love the jelly sammiches!

  5. Thank you! My Saturday ended up being relaxing- I basically slept and stayed on the sofa all day haha :P