Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Prom Perfect (8 Nail Designs!)

As some of you may know from my previous posts, my prom is finally coming up this Friday! It's literally the last possible day to have it, since I don't think anyone has prom in July. I wanted to branch out with my nail endeavors and prom seemed like a good place to start. I offered other girls from my school the chance to have a set of false nails hand painted by me. I had a relatively good response to it and I finally have them all finished.

Orders came in at random times. I wanted to post these sooner to give you some ideas in case you had your prom but I waited until they were all done. Maybe next year? (: For those wondering, the process involved sizing each 'client', one nail at a time. Then I looked at their prom dress, came up with a few options on a nail wheel and we negotiated until they liked a design. Then I hand clipped and filed down the nails where they could finally be painted. Phew!

Enough rambling, here are the nails, named by the initial of each girl! The blue-ish stuff you see on some of the translucent nails is just temporary adhesive. If you want to know any specific polishes, just ask! (:

C: clear to gold & holographic glitter with rhinestones.

E: light purple to fuchsia gradient with fine silver shimmer and rhinestones.

G: nude with gunmetal and black triangles.

M: clear to iridescent silver glitter with rhinestones.

O: clear to green glass fleck with fuchsia flowers and rhinestones.

V: clear to silver glitter.

A: clear to gold glitter.

K: light purple to dark purple gradient with fine silver shimmer and silver glitter.

Evidently the trend for this year is gradients and heaps of glitter. I hope you liked all of these different looks!


  1. Since i'm in love with purple, I'm choosing "K". But they all look so beautiful,!!!!!!

  2. Aw they all look so pretty, I've done a nail art tutorial for the fushia gradient one's on my blog, how ironic :')


  3. Thanks, emma! What a coincidence, yours look great as well! That's a cool technique (:

  4. Thanks, Naomi! I'm partial to the colourful ones too haha :P

  5. Prom in July??? Wow that's different! I couldn't imagine prom in July here. The weather with be so humid and sticky! :( Anyways, I love the designs. I really like G and the color combo for M! Each design is so whimsical and just reminds me of prom. Good job!! :)

  6. K was gorgeous! I love the gradient on that one. I know A was supposed to be clear to gold glitter, but I think it actually looks really good blue polish to gold glitter--kind of an Indian look to it lol

  7. These are gorgeous! I can only imagine how much work you put into them! <3

  8. Haha my prom isn't in July, worry not! It'll be June 29th, so waiting another week would make it July, which I don't think is possible :P I feel you though, even here it's supposed to be unbearably hot! ):
    Thank you very much! (:

  9. Haha I was wondering about that too, Lizzie! I think the blue-gold combo would actually be really cool. Thank you :D

  10. Super gorgeous! You must have spent so long on these. I'm really loving the gradient and glitter combinations! :-)

    ~ Yun

  11. Thank you! They were quite time-consuming but well worth the effort! :)

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  13. These are gorgeous! Thanks for giving me ideas for my own nails! (I'm going to a Christmas prom) I love the purple one, although they are all fab.