Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Pearls & Springtime Ruffian

Hi friends! I recently hauled some new polishes from spring collections and wanted to try them out. I figured that I haven't done a Ruffian manicure in awhile so why not? As much as I love doing this style it makes me really nervous. I'm always worried that my coats will be too thick or my curves will be uneven! In fact, the coats of green creme were a bit uneven at the borders so I added those dots to hide it (Shh, don't tell!) I hauled a wheel of half pearls so I added those on as accents. I'm pleased with this springtime manicure, it turned out pretty cute!

To start I painted all of my nails with OPI Pedal Faster Suzi!. Then I painted on the Ruffian with Essie Navigate Her. I used a dotting tool and white polish for the dots and added the half pearls on my ring fingers and thumbs.

Thanks for looking! Oh! You may or may not have seen my last quick post but I'm back to being active on Twitter! Feel free to follow me @preciouspolish and I'll follow back. I really want to get to know you all so tweet me (: <3


  1. Really cute! Essie Navigate Her is on my list to buy! lol. Love the half pearls! My sister got some for me for xmas and I've yet to try them out!

  2. Thank you! Yes, definitely pick up Navigate Her! It's such a pretty colour; I think it'll be the next 'mint green' :P
    Ohh, can't wait to see some of your manis with half pearls! 3D accents are so fun :D

  3. I love the pearls :)
    Oh and 150 followers;) congrats!

  4. Haha thank you for being the 150th, Emm! :)