Sunday, December 18, 2011

TUTORIAL: Christmas French Manicure

I've been really MIA but here's another holiday tutorial to make up for it!
This past week at school was killer. I had three tests (functions, biology & chemistry) plus a Christmas concert to perform in. I'm pretty sure that I bombed all three tests but at least they're over now.
On the bright side, the Christmas spirit is really kicking in! My close friends and I did Secret Santa/Kris Kringle (which they all totally ruined by guessing who had who) and I watched two holiday movies recently: Happy Feet Two and New Year's Eve. Both were pretty enjoyable but super great :P

French manicure was made using Seche Chemise and Essence Tip Painter. Design used OPI Don't Mess With OPI, China Glaze Ruby Pumps and Sally Hansen Gilty Pleasure.

I hope you enjoy the tutorial! 

Also, thank you all for viewing my posts and videos and commenting on them. I only have just enough time to paint nails, make videos and post now so I have trouble being prompt with my replies. I really do read every single comment though and I appreciate them dearly! Thank you for bearing with me <3

Have a lovely holiday and please share any holiday plans/traditions you have (:


  1. Cool nails!!! I really want to try doing nails like that but I dont have the right nail polish