Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Magnetic Attraction

When I first heard about magnetic nail polish I was super excited. I had previously hopped on the crackle bandwagon but realized that I didn't actually really like it. Magnetic nail polish, however, is a different story! I think that it looks so cool and I'm curious to see if/how bigger brands and possibly drugstore brands will follow the trend. I was pretty sad when I found out that Nails Inc. made magnetic nail polish because I thought the brand was only carried in American Sephora stores. Imagine my surprise when I saw the beauties in my local Sephora! I passed on the purple one and just got the silver version to satisfy my lemming.

Also, I tried out a tape manicure for the first time. It was actually really hard and I've a new found respect for the beautiful versions on the internet. I have absolutely zero patience when it comes to waiting for polish to dry! On top of that, polish leaked through the tape and I had to go back with the base colour and fix up the lines ):

Here's American Apparel California Trooper with Nails Inc. Trafalgar Square.

What do you think about magnetic nail polish? Yay or nay? (:


  1. Soooo cool!! I like that you did something different with it besides just using the polish by itself :D

  2. i vote yay! i think they look amazing!!

  3. i think yay !! ive tried to do diffeent styles so many times but its really hard. and i too have zero tolerance for polish to dry

  4. haha thank you, chloe! glad to see that magnetic nail polish is popular (:

  5. drying time is such a pain- i've ruined more than my fair share of manicures because of wet polish! thank goodness for seche vite (;
    thanks for commenting! xx

  6. thank you for noticing! <3 i really wanted to mix it up (: