Thursday, November 03, 2011

Fun With Feathers

Wow, it's been awhile hasn't it? School is really taking a toll on me. I look at the old manicures on my hands and long to change them but I just don't have the time/energy. These were my nails that I did for my Halloween costume. I was a Pocahontas kind of thing. 
These photos were actually taken about four days after I painted them- I can never catch the sun anymore! I wake up in the dark and come home closer to dark or it's all gloomy. I didn't start taking natural light photos until last spring so I don't know what I'm going to do when winter rolls around. I might have to make a light box or something...
Oh! This was my first time using real feathers. I found these cool blue-brown ones in a pack of neutral feathers from the dollar store. I really hated the application process and I feel like the removal will be really gross... 

I used American Apparel California Trooper as a base for all nails. The tribal print was made with black and white striping polishes, China Glaze For Audrey, OPI You Don't Know Jacques, and OPI San Tan-Tonio.

And here are some awkward photos from Halloween! On the left we have my Pocahontas costume that I wore to school. I got this perforated suede dress from H&M and my mom added feathers to the sleeves and skirt hem. I belted it with a simple braided belt, added some turquoise and coral accessories, braided pigtails and some fringe moccasin boots!
Pictured on the left is what I wore later that night to a friend's house. I just wore a zebra hat and something cozy because it got pretty chilly out!

So tell me about your Halloween! What did you dress up as? Did you do any matching makeup/nails? Feel free to link me (:


  1. WOW! The nail art looks sooo amazing! I love these colors! Was it easy to remove?

  2. This is offensive. Native Americans are a culture, not a costume.

  3. Hi Jaimielee,

    I'm sorry if you are offended but I don't believe I said anything about being a Native American for Halloween. I clearly said Pocahontas as in the Disney Princess. If I wanted to be Mulan would that be offensive, too?

    Thanks for your time and sorry again that you're offended by this.

  4. Thank you! The removal actually wasn't -too- bad! Definitely not as difficult as glitter. The acetone kind of broke up the feathers and it could be peeled off in pieces. Sounds kind of gross but the overall process was pretty quick! (:

  5. epic! and on the topic of offensive or not i think Brittney was just inspired by the native american culture's beauty

  6. This is sooo cute!! Did you just do a clear coat and then press the feathers on? I seriously like freaked out when I saw this nail design! It's amazing!! And I followed your blog because of this post :D Please visit my new blog: and tell me what you think :)

  7. hi amber! thank you for your kind words! i put topcoat on first and pressed the feathers on to ensure that all parts stayed down. then i added another layer of topcoat to smooth everything out (:
    thanks for following! i've checked out your blog and it looks great so far! your pink leopard eye look is especially impressive (: xx

  8. I love the feathers. I have to try this immediately. I am following your page from now on because of the feathers and the snakeskin look.

    Please check out my blog at