Saturday, September 17, 2011

Mix & Match

I wanted to take another stab at those cute little florals so I decided on a mismatched manicure featuring tiny flowers, pinstripes and polka dots. Now here's the thing about mismatched manicures- different designs on ten fingers! My right hand has so far been kept hidden from the internet but now it's making its big debut. I personally don't take very good care of my right fingers. I pry open containers with them, pick at price stickers and let polish drip all over my cuticles. For another thing, my right index finger refuses to grow without breaking! Did I mention that taking a photo with your left hand using a bulky right-handed camera is nearly impossible? (For me, at least :P)

Also, before I had a chance to photograph these, my left thumb nail broke in both corners! I must have been shoving books into my backpack a bit too roughly because now my nail looks more like a talon ): I tried to be stealthy in the photos though and angled my thumb to hide the catastrophe. Anyway, enough ranting from me. Here's the manicure!

I used Essie Nice is Nice, Essie Mint Candy Apple, Sephora by OPI Read My Palm and various Art Club striping polishes.

Do you like the mix and match look? Or do you prefer something more traditional? Share your thoughts! xx


  1. I love this! It looks so pretty on you! But for my own nails I think I tend to stick to one pattern only.

  2. haha thank you! it's definitely worth a try though, your nails are beautiful!

  3. So cute! I was just thinking of doing something like this on my nails today. Those light blue ones are just like I was thinking of doing! :)

  4. ohh i'm looking forward to seeing them then! thank you! <3