Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fairy Dust

So sorry for the week long absence. I wore this manicure awhile ago but I haven't gotten around to posting it until now. This week has been incredibly stressful/hectic and I'm so glad that it's almost over. So back when I got Revlon Facets of Fuchsia I also picked up Revlon Starry Pink. I had quickly seen some swatches of the shade online and I was really pleased with Facets of Fuchsia so I assumed that I would enjoy this one as well. However, that was not the case. I couldn't wait to get this colour off of my fingers- something about the silver glitter (which also appeared black at certain times) made it look so dirty. Not a fan. 

I used Revlon Starry Pink on all fingers except for the ring finger where I used American Apparel L'esprit. On top of that I outlined a shape with a white striping polish and filled it in with Starry Pink.

The shape on the ring finger started out somewhat like a DNA double helix (biology geek here), then a slanted infinity symbol (functions nerd, too) but then I decided to mirror the image and now it looks like a butterfly.

Hope you're all doing swell! Have you ever had a polish that looked so promising in the bottle/on other people's nails but fails to impress on your own nails?

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Favouring Fuchsia

The other day I spotted the new Revlon glitters at my local drugstore. After quick mental debate I decided to pick up two of them: Facets of Fuchsia and Starry Pink. Blue Mosaic looked nice too but I wasn't feeling it enough to shell out more money for it. Also, I got home to research and found out that there's a fourth polish in the collection. It was a shimmer so I didn't even notice it at the store :P Anyway, needing to get one of the glitters on my itching fingers I picked Facets of Fuchsia first after reading posts by Mandy of Pretty Making and Kristen of Glitta Gloves. Being a total weirdo I couldn't just accept the natural glittery goodness as-is so I went for another ruffian :$ 

I used American Apparel African Violet and American Apparel Hassid for the ruffian manicure and layered two coats of Revlon Facets of Fuchsia on top of the black.

You may notice that my nails are super short. I finally bit the bullet and cut them down. They've been peeling and breaking all over like crazy for awhile now so I gave them a fresh start. Hopefully they grow back quickly because I'm not used to being able to function normally- prying open containers, applying makeup without it getting under my nails, etc :P It's all very handy at the end of the day but I miss having a larger canvas to work on (hence the super tiny purple ruffian).

So tell my about your nail traumas! I'm here to give you a shoulder to cry on :P

PS. I also changed up my blog layout! Just the background and colour scheme but do you like? (:

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Mix & Match

I wanted to take another stab at those cute little florals so I decided on a mismatched manicure featuring tiny flowers, pinstripes and polka dots. Now here's the thing about mismatched manicures- different designs on ten fingers! My right hand has so far been kept hidden from the internet but now it's making its big debut. I personally don't take very good care of my right fingers. I pry open containers with them, pick at price stickers and let polish drip all over my cuticles. For another thing, my right index finger refuses to grow without breaking! Did I mention that taking a photo with your left hand using a bulky right-handed camera is nearly impossible? (For me, at least :P)

Also, before I had a chance to photograph these, my left thumb nail broke in both corners! I must have been shoving books into my backpack a bit too roughly because now my nail looks more like a talon ): I tried to be stealthy in the photos though and angled my thumb to hide the catastrophe. Anyway, enough ranting from me. Here's the manicure!

I used Essie Nice is Nice, Essie Mint Candy Apple, Sephora by OPI Read My Palm and various Art Club striping polishes.

Do you like the mix and match look? Or do you prefer something more traditional? Share your thoughts! xx

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Modern Classics

I love ruffian manicures. They look so chic and clean- I just can't get enough. I don't see too many of them around the internet and I actually prefer this over the half moon manicure much more. (I find it easier too!) I wish more people did ruffian manis because each one that I've seen is beautiful! This is a bit of an odd colour combination but I think it's kind of cool. And please don't be alarmed by my red-ish cuticles. That's not blood or anything- just stains from persistent red nail polish :P

The base colour here is American Apparel Factory Grey and the other is American Apparel Summer Peach.

This week has been pretty stressful for me. Today I wrote a math test, a theory quiz and tomorrow I have a chemistry quiz and a music solo. I was also supposed to have a biology quiz but luckily it's been postponed until Monday! Has anything lucky happened to you this week? (:

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sweet Vintage

I've seen vintage Cath Kidston-esque nails all over the place for a long time now. It was only until recently that they really sparked my interest though, so I decided to take a try at it! I'm a bit late with the trend but I still really like it. The random swirling for flowers is so simple and looks great from afar (close up, not so much! :P) I decided to add some horizontal stripes just for fun.

I used Sally Hansen Whirlwind White as a base colour and Art Club striping polishes for the stripes and the roses. The leaves are OPI Don't Mess with OPI.

In other words, I am currently trying to enjoy my last days with a social life as I await the first tests and evaluations of my final year of high school. I just finished researching universities and scholarships and I'm all nervous and fluttery now. However nerve-wracking it is still pretty exciting and I'm keeping my fingers crossed. What about you? Anything exciting/life-changing/anxiety-inducing coming up soon? (:

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Autumn Leaves

Here's a little something something for the approaching season! I've done this look before but here it is with autumn appropriate colours. This design truly is versatile for year-round wear. The slanted french tip is super chic and not too bold.

Pictured here is American Apparel California Trooper as a base and OPI San Tan-Tonio for the french tips with OPI You Don't Know Jacques for the veins of the leaves.

So how are you all coping with summer's leave? I'm personally kind of excited for the chill fall weather to arrive. I'm looking forward to cozying up in a big sweater and a scarf, not to mention there are so many cute boots to wear! (:

Monday, September 05, 2011

TUTORIAL: Autumn Flowers (Flower Technique)

Hi followers! Here's a treat for you all: a video tutorial! I've already done a picture tutorial for this flower technique but I feel that a video is easier to understand and more exciting. I originally wasn't planning on keeping this design on my nails but I liked it so much that I decided to stick with it.

Here I used American Apparel Summer Peach as a base with American Apparel Cameo Blue, American Apparel Rose Bowl and Essence Tip Painter for the details.

And without further ado, here's the tutorial! I hope you enjoy it and please show me your creations! (:

Saturday, September 03, 2011

Inspired by Missoni for Target

Is anyone familiar with the new Missoni for Target line? Target doesn't exist in Canada but the collection has been popping up in a lot of magazines. The patterns are super cool and a particular dress design caught my eye. The funky multi-coloured chevron over a striped background inspired me to translate it to nail so here's my take. I think the pattern is really fresh and I'm incredibly pleased with the result.

I started with American Apparel California Trooper and a white striping polish for the pinstripes. Then I used a black striping polish, Essence Ocean Breeze and Essence Juicy Coral for the zigzags on the thumbs and ring fingers. As a last minute thought I added stripes in Essence Ocean Breeze to the remaining nails.

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Basket Weave

Here I present to you the product of boredom and ambition. Ultimately, this was a bad idea because I got bored again halfway through and terribly impatient (evident on my little finger ahem...) The thumb came out the nicest and I would be a lot more satisfied if all of the nails came out that way. It was the second nail I painted so I suppose I still had patience and more experience and control on it. Nonetheless I wanted to practice some more line work and a more intricate design. I'm not sure what to call this design. It's a bit tribal and reminds me of a basket weave but I'm not too sure. I don't think I'll be doing this one ever again though so it doesn't really matter.

I used American Apparel Cameo Blue on all the nails and a couple white striping polishes because they all got disgustingly thick and goopy.